Explore English with Russie


RussieFor those of you who have a good intermediate level of English or higher, there's a new e-magazine put together by a Bulgarian teacher, married and living in the south-east of England and nicknamed Russie. (She got the nickname because her husband couldn't pronounce her real name, Marusya.) She absolutely loves her adopted country and this shows through in her magazine, Explore English with Russie. You can find it at www.englishwithrussie.co.uk If you are only a lover of all things American or Australian, this magazine is not for you though. It's firmly focused on Britain!

Russie explores aspects of English life, culture and traditions which many of you will not be familiar with. She also has special features: for instance, there's an idiom that she teaches us every fortnight and also an exam section to help you prepare for important English tests like IELTS. Russie also provides lesson materials for teachers - these are really innovative and go to make interactive, exciting and fun lessons. She's starting an interview section on a monthly basis as well where she talks to people involved in the world of EFL, teachers, managers, material developers. She's interviewing me for one of her October issues, by the way.

However, I can't finish this review without saying something about her stories. Russie believes that there is more to this world than terror attacks, xenophobia and the like. She believes in the power of love and tolerance and this shows through in her stories which have a positive, optimistic and upbeat note. I think you'll like them.

The magazine comes out twice monthly but it's not free. There's a small charge but you can have a free trial by going to the site itself.

Have a look and see what you think - Explore English with Russie