Improved glossary display be released on 11-8-17


There has been a problem with the display of our glossary definitions sometimes when not all the definitions have 'fitted' into the space available on the page. This happens if there are a lot of them in a short passage of a story or article.

This has resulted in some glossaries being too long for the relevant titles and there has sometimes been an overlap at the end of the text.

We've made improvements and the new glossary display automatically adjusts as you move through a story or article in order to display definitions as close to the word or phrase in the text as possible.

It can also be scrolled independently of the text so that you can move it up and down if there are times when not all of the definitions will fit in the space available.

Finally, when you point to a word or phrase in the text that is underlined the glossary display in the margin will clear and the definition will appear right next to it.

Most of the time you probably won't notice much of a difference although it should be more consistently easy to see definitions. On those occasions when you can see the difference, we hope you agree that it is an improvement.

As always, feedback is very welcome indeed.

Thanks for using Read Listen Learn.