Improved mobile reading experience


We've made significant changes to the reader in our web app to provide a much better reading experience for people using mobile devices.

In fact it's been completely re-written.

We did this to improve the usability of glossaries, related titles and commenting and we hope it works well for everyone.

Not much has changed visually apart from the toolbar, which now looks like this...


...the 'I' button displays glossary definitions for the text you're reading

...the button with the books display titles that are similar to the one you are reading

...the button with the speech bubbles displays comments made by others about the story or article that you are reading (if you are using a school account).

Also, if you use Read Listen Learn on a desktop or laptop the story is displayed without the glossary until you click on the 'I' button.

Most of the changes are behind the scenes and mean that everything works better and faster and delivers a better reading experience.