Live trial starts May 2014...


Reader 1Next month we're due to start the first trial of our reading and listening service for people learning English with a college in Saudi Arabia. They will be using the product as part of a reading programme and it will involve around 300 students using more than 120 of our articles and adaptations of short stories.

We're delighted and we're working hard to get everything ready, putting the final touches to articles and the application.

We've done a lot of work over the last eighteen months. Writing and editing articles, designing and developing software. We're very close now though and after the trial we plan to release the product as part of a wider beta programme.

We believe we've built something different. It's elegant and easy to use and we're sure it will help people who are learning English to improve their skills and to do so in an enjoyable way. 

Listing 1We also hope to introduce people for whom English is not their first language to the joys and benefits of reading in the language. We've got a huge variety of subjects including history, crime, science and sport and some great adaptations of stories from written by people like James Joyce, Katherine Mansfield, Guy de Maupassant and Checkov.

The application we've developed provides a supportive environment designed for people learning English to read and to share the experience with friends, fellow learners, teachers and anyone else who might be interested.

Developing it has been a labour of love and we hope that is reflected in what we've built and the enjoyment people get from using it.