More new titles and audio for September


We've added some new titles and some new audio during September. Hope you like them....! 

WashingtonNew article - How George Washington Got Involved in the American Revolution - upper intermediate

Did you know that George Washington fought for the British Army against the French and that he was refused the chance to become a permanent officer? What turned this Virginia farmer into the general who forced the British out of America? Why did this loyal supporter of the British change his mind?

Read this article and find out the circumstances that changed a man’s mind and so changed the world


New story - The Adventure of the Norwood Builder - pre-intermediate

Mag Glass

Sherlock Holmes is asked to solve a mystery that saves a dead man’s reputation and shows that his son is innocent of the terrible murder of a drunken old sea captain.

But what secret do the lives of a ruined banker and a retired sailor share?


OvenNew article - Auschwitz Nazi Death Camp - elementary

We will never forget the name of Auschwitz, the camp where Hitler and his Nazi government killed hundreds of thousands of Jews and many other people in the Second World War.

This is the terrible story of one of the worst moments in human history


We've also added audio versions for a number of existing titles, take a look and see if anything catches your eye (or ear)...

AudiobookThe History of Anaesthesia - intermediate

It was not many years ago that a doctor had to decide between operating to save a person’s life but perhaps killing him from the pain or leaving him to die. For this reason, the most important part of the operation was speed. Anaesthesia was, therefore, necessary not just to save a patient’s life but also to allow for longer and more difficult operations.

However, the development of this science reads like a horror story

Three Questions by Leo Tolstoy - pre-intermediate

In this very short story, the great Russian novelist, Leo Tolstoy, tells a story that seems like a children’s tale as it includes a king and a wise old man.

However, it contains a simple truth for people of all ages

Revenge by Guy de Maupassant - pre-intermediate

Guy de Maupassant is France’s greatest writer of short stories and this is one of his most powerful. It is about an old woman whose son is killed and who promises him that she will get revenge. But how can she? She is old and cannot fight a young murderer.

Then she has a terrible and very clever idea