New stories and new audio


We've been busy over the last week and have added some brand new titles and some new audio to existing stories. They include the gruesome history of the development of anaesthesia and an unusual Dracula short story.

Have a look and see what you think, they're all free...

New article - The History of Anaesthesia - intermediate

AnaesIt was not many years ago that a doctor had to decide between operating to save a person’s life but perhaps killing him from the pain or leaving him to die. For this reason, the most important part of the operation was speed. Anaesthesia was, therefore, necessary not just to save a patient’s life but also to allow for longer and more difficult operations. But the development of this science reads like a horror story

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World CupNew article - Did a dog steal the world cup? - elementary with audio

In 1966, the World Cup was in London but a few weeks before the matches started, someone stole the World Cup. Later, a dog called Pickles found it in a garden. He became famous. He got money, starred in a film and went to the party when England won the Cup. But did he also steal it?

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New story - Dracula's Guest - pre-intermediate with audio

WolfEveryone knows about Dracula and the undead. So, it may surprise you to learn that Bram Stoker, the writer who created Dracula, never became famous in his lifetime. It was only when films were made about the vampire that Dracula became well-known. This story is about a man who does not believe in the undead but learns better 

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ChildNew audio - Hide and Seek by Fyodor Sologub - upper-intermediate

This short story by the Russian writer, Fyodor Sologub, is about the incredibly close bond between a mother and her baby daughter. They often play the children’s game, hide and seek, together until an old servant tells them superstitiously that it will lead to great sadness. The mother believes none of it but the rumour has its effect and she grows very afraid

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New audio - The Strange Biology of Meat Eating Plants - intermediate

VenusThe Venus Fly Trap is a favourite plant among school boys because it catches and eats insects in its powerful ‘jaws’. As the insect moves around inside, its prison becomes more tightly locked. It cannot escape. In fact, many adults buy this plant to keep in their homes too. But why did this plant develop? What were its origins? And where can we find it? If it grew big enough, could it eat human beings? 

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