New year new focus


43429859 New Year 2016Last year we decided to re-visit our mission, renew our sense of purpose, look again at our product and think about who we're really trying to help.

We have always wanted to help people to learn English through reading and listening for pleasure and that remains the case. The problem was that we weren't convinced that we were achieving that. When we considered the numbers of people who want to learn English and are trying to do so and the diverse range of settings in which they’re learning we came to the conclusion that we needed to shift the focus of our approach.

We decided that the objective for our product should be to make high quality, digital graded readers available to everyone who would benefit from them. What this comes down to is making them accessible and affordable for a wider range of people and so we decided to focus on teachers and learners and to make the product viable for independent teachers working online, smaller schools and the learners themselves.

This means revising our pricing but we are determined not to compromise on quality. It also means innovating to find news ways of reaching people and helping them to learn English through reading and listening for pleasure.

Right now we’re working on making our product freely available for a period of time to individual teachers and learners whilst we continue working on it and adding new content and features.

There’s more to come on all of this very soon but if you’re interested, please email us.