Changes to our privacy policy


We've made some changes to our privacy policy in order to comply with new EU regulations about what personal information we collect, what we do with it and how we enable our readers, listeners, teachers an others to access their information and make changes to it.

We've never collected any information from people that we didn't need in order to make our service work for people and we've never provided the information that we collect to any other organisations or individuals apart from a few service providers who help us to keep things running smoothly.

This means that we haven't changed much. These are are the areas where we have made changes:

  • Details of the lawful basis on which we collect the information - this is one of the new EU requirements
  • More detail about the information that we collect
  • Details of the service providers we use to help us keep things running
  • Details about your rights in relation to your information

Anyone who is interested can read the full policy here