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In the past month or so people from over 100 countries have read and listened to our stories and articles.

This is why we developed Read Listen Learn and we're delighted.

We've tried to include stories by a range of authors from a number of countries but we know that we could do more and so we thought we would ask for some suggestions.

We would really appreciate it if people could send us ideas for articles and stories that might interest our audience and if you have any suggestions, please click the link below and send them to us.

If you do so, please remember that:

  • We do not publish overtly political writing
  • We have no religious agenda
  • We do not wish to offend any reader
  • We do not post any sexual or otherwise illegal content
  • We can only use work by authors who have been dead for at least 70 years and are therefore out of copyright.

We cannot promise to write or publish all the suggestions but we do promise that everything will be considered and we will contact you if we do.

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