The benefits of extensive reading for beginner students


Reading basic English aloud helps students to recognise words at a glance. The more they see a word, the faster they recognise it and glean its meaning. So, reading helps low level learners to increase the speed with which they recognise words - if those words are not so hard, of course.

A Plus

Reading is also useful for low level learners because it increases confidence. Very soon, they start to understand that they can read and that the more they do so, the better they become at it.

Reading and listening at the same time is very useful for low level learners because they can follow the words and hear how they sound.

Of course, one of the major complaints about reading at low levels of English is that everything is aimed at children. Many writers of graded readers seem to assume that people without much knowledge of English must be a maximum of twelve years old and so they write about subjects that interest kids. Adult learners with little or no English may feel insulted by this and certainly won't be interested in the subect matter.

Our stories though are written for adults, young and old, and we have around 45 stories at Elementary level and 60 at Pre-Intermediate.

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