New reading progress tracking feature


We’re adding a progress tracking feature to our stories and articles. This is what it does...

  1. Tracks you progress as you move through a story
  2. Marks your place in a story using a new bookmark icon
  3. Takes you back to the point in the story you were at when you go back to it
  4. Remembers how far through the audio version you are

When you open a story you’ll see a series of very light grey bookmarks alongside the text. As you move through the story the colour of the bookmark at the beginning of the paragraph at the top of the screen will change from grey to green.

If you close a story the information about it in your Library will now include a percentage complete showing how far through it you are.

When you get to the end of the story you’ll see a button that says Finished reading? and if you click this button the story will be shown as complete.

You can go back through the story at any time, of course. Just move back to where you want, click on the bookmark at the start of the paragraph and it will change to green from grey.