We can help EFL/ESL teachers run extensive reading projects


ShareIn our last post we described the key features of the reading service we're developing to help learners of English as a second language. Here we turn our attention to teachers and the colleges and other organisations that they work for.

Our main aim is to help teachers run reading projects. Like many others, we know that extensive reading that is interesting and pleasurable helps people to learn English faster and more thoroughly and has significant long term benefits. Also like many others, we love reading and underpinning everything that we're doing is our vision to build a community of English language learners and teachers based around reading in English

In our last post we wrote about the range of titles and subjects that we will provide and how we will be constantly adding to this as time goes by. We will do lots of other things though to help teachers and to take the pain out of running a reading project and help with communication and collaboration throughout.

First and foremost, we're digital and online. That means no physical library to provide, no lending system to design and manage and no damaged or lost books.

Journal DetailThe graded readers are online, the learners' libraries are online, they can be read online and teachers can work with learners and monitor progress online.

That means that you know what your students have searched for, chosen, read and completed and when.

More than that though, we've built our service to enable teachers to help their learners through the process by enabling collaboration with them.

By setting up one or more groups you can provide a place where you can communicate with students and others as a class or reading group. Anyone in the group can post to it and anyone else can reply. This sort of feature can be used by teachers to directly help students or to foster and enable them to collaborate and help each other.

You can also set up events for the group or with individual students to provide a place and time to meet and discuss stories, progress, suggestions for further reading and so on.

We haven't forgotten paper though and you can print the readers for class room use if you need to.

There are audio versions of the readers as well and other resources to help teachers and students use the readers and get the most out of doing so.

More on those another time.....