We're offering free access to our digital graded readers


32779764 FreeWe've been working for a little while on making our product freely available to individual teachers and learners. Well now we've done it and we're inviting people to come and use our reading service and our graded readers free of charge with no obligation. We're not asking for any credit card details or anything like that, we just want people to be able to use the readers and let us know what they think.

The Signal 489

Our objective is to make high quality, digital graded readers available to everyone who would benefit from them. To do this we aim to make them accessible and affordable to learners, individual and independent teachers and others in schools with smaller budgets.

By making the product freely available at this stage we are inviting people to come and help us develop Read Listen Learn by telling us how they think we could make it work better for them.

Right now we have over 130 digital graded readers and we're adding new titles regularly.


If you want to have a look just

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