What's coming in our new software


Last week we had to delay the release of our new software after we encountered some problems with the hosting platform we were running it on. We had to move everything to a new host and have been testing everything there since to make sure it all works properly. We will be releasing everything in the next few days but here's some details of what's new in the meantime.

Our new software platform will enable us to add new features to Read Listen Learn quickly and easily and to develop our mobile app.

At the moment it works in a very similar way to the old software but there are some differences that we hope will make things better for our readers.

Everything that we’ve done has been with simplicity and ease of use in mind and we’d really like to hear your views on whether we’ve made things better.

Here’s a rundown of what’s new…

The menu bar

This now includes a search tool that is present throughout the application.

Menu -bar

The navigation operates in the same way but now has a new look and includes numbers of articles where relevant

The Library

The Library has new page controls that are displayed at the top and bottom of the page and includes the the number of articles.

The details displayed about each article has been given an overhaul and now includes an image from the article and its summary. We hope this will make it easier for people to find things that they’d like to read

Article -info

Find articles

The search here has been simplified to a straightforward text search that looks for matches with the article title and/or author and we’ve included a simple device for selecting to view all the articles at a given reading level

Level -selector

The Reader

The reader works in very much the same way as before but has a cleaner more open design. We’ve also removed the left hand toolbar and replaced it with a fixed toolbar across the bottom of the screen.

Read Listen Learn on mobile devices

Our new design should work much better on mobile devices but the big news is that we’re developing a mobile app for release in a few months time.

More news on that soon...