New on Read Listen Learn - Who Were the Kray Twins?


On 9th March, 1966, in the east of London, the pub was quiet as the evening began. In the corner, there was an old man reading a newspaper, by the door was a young couple. Others sat here and there and, at the bar, there stood a hard-looking man called George Cornell, chatting a little to the barmaid.

The Blind Beggar pub

At this moment, Ronnie Kray walked in with another man, went straight to Cornell, said, ´Well, look who´s here´, then took a pistol out of his pocket and shot Cornell between the eyes. Ronnie and the other man left. Cornell lay dead on the floor, a pool of blood growing around him.

In the 1960s, the Kray Twins were as famous in London as the Mafia was in the US. They used the same methods too: murder, violence and fear. They knew rich and famous people and appeared in fashionable magazines. Until the police caught up with them and put them in prison.

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