Adding people to your school

There are 2 ways to do this...

  1. By sending people an invitation by email
  2. By encouraging people to visit your enrolment page so they can send you an enrolment request

Sending invitations

The easiest way to invite people to join your school is to click the Invite learners to join your school button on the Getting Started page.

This will take you to the Invite Learners page.

To send an invitation just add the person's email address and click Invite.

They will be sent an email and you will be taken to the Requests & Invitations page, which is part of the Members page.

The person to whom you have sent the invitation will be able to join your school by clicking on a link in the email and either registering for a Read Listen Learn account or logging into their account if they already have one.

When they have done this they will be shown a screen that enables them to either accept or decline your invitation.

Send invitation

Accepting enrolment requests

People can end you requests to join your school using your enrolment page.

You can find the URL for your enrolment page on the Invite Learners page.

When someone accesses this page and clicks Request to Enrol, they will be asked to either register for a Read Listen Learn account or log into their account.

Once they have done that their email address will display on the Requests & Invitations page.

You can then use that page to either Accept or Decline their request.

If you accept their request they will become part of your school.

Enrolment page