Reading and listening to our stories helps you learn English

Like many people, we love reading and listening to stories. That’s a good enough reason to do it of course but if you’re learning English research has shown that it also has all these benefits…

  • Increased reading ability and speed
  • Increased writing ability and better spelling
  • Increased vocabulary
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased fluency
For learners

So if you’re learning English just reading or listening to as many stories as you can at a level you’re comfortable will really help you.

This is known as extensive reading. By reading a lot you experience the things you’ve learned again and again. This deepens your understanding of them and increases your ability to use the language.

If you’re a teacher, extensive reading using our graded readers will benefit your students but you can also use them for other, study-based purposes.

This kind of reading is sometimes known as intensive reading and ways that you can use our stories for this include…

  • Studying passages of stories to illustrate grammar and vocabulary
  • Using specific stories and passages for vocabulary and comprehension testing
  • Using stories for reading projects
  • Running reading circles
  • Basing homework around specific stories
For teachers

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