Extensive reading and listening helps you learn English

Reading and listening to our stories improves all your English language skills...

  • Reading ability and speed
  • Writing ability and spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension
  • Confidence
  • Cluency
For learners

If you’re learning English research has shown that just reading or listening to as many stories as you can at a level you’re comfortable will really help you.

This is known as extensive reading. By reading a lot you experience the things you’ve learned again and again.

This deepens your understanding of them and increases your ability to use the language.

If you’re a teacher, encouraging extensive reading will benefit your students and improve their grades.

You can help them by enabling them to make their own choices and allowing them time for reading.

You can also use our stories for other, study-based purposes. This kind of reading is sometimes known as intensive reading and ways that you can use our stories for this include…

  • Studying passages of stories to illustrate grammar and vocabulary
  • Using specific stories and passages for vocabulary and comprehension testing
  • Using stories for reading projects
  • Running reading circles
  • Basing homework around specific stories
For teachers